8 B2B Brand Content Marketing Services in High Demand

8 B2B Brand Content Marketing Services in High Demand

B2B Brand Content Marketing Services, Outsourcing your marketing used to mean finding the loudest, wittiest villagers to hawk your wares in the alleys.

It goes without saying that marketing has evolved. With this development, navigating the different services available for B2B marketing has become increasingly complex.

While the end goal remains the same (stand out), the path to achieving this requires strategic use of the right content marketing services.

We’ve compiled a list of services, from content strategy to analytics, to help you understand how each service works and how they can help your brand become the loudest voice in the market.

Why B2B Brand Companies Need Content Marketing Services

B2B buying cycles are long and involve a range of stakeholders. This means B2B marketers must build and maintain lasting relationships with buyers of all positions and decision-making influence. This level of deep engagement means leveraging a range of content types across multiple platforms and touchpoints to move customers through the buying journey. If you think this sounds difficult, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

A joint study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs identified the top challenges B2B marketers face when creating content—with audience targeting, consistency, differentiation, SEO optimization, and quality being the top performers.

8 B2B Brand Content Marketing Services in High Demand  - SituationalChallenges

Effectively managing all of these tasks in today’s crowded digital marketplace requires a high level of creative, analytical and strategic expertise.

The best way to get it is to work with a proven content marketing service provider.

Nearly 60% of marketing teams cite a lack of resources as the biggest challenge they face when creating content.

Delegating your campaigns to a content marketing service provider can help ease the burden. Not only does this free up your team to focus on overall strategy, it also ensures that these tasks are managed by dedicated marketers who understand the latest trends, techniques, and analytics in all areas of content marketing.

This specialization allows for more effective, impactful marketing efforts tailored to your B2B brand’s unique needs and challenges.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular content marketing services and what challenges found in CMI/MarketingProfs research can be alleviated by outsourcing these responsibilities.

8 Popular B2B Content Marketing Services

Content Strategy

In B2B marketing, a clearly defined content strategy is crucial as it aligns your content with your company’s goals and the needs of your target audience. It ensures that every piece of content—whether it’s a blog post, a white paper, or a social media update—has a clear purpose.

Why it’s popular: High-performing marketing teams view a documented content strategy as one of the top keys to success.

A content strategy provided by a B2B marketing agency may include:

Audience research: Identify and understand your audience, including their needs, challenges and content consumption behaviors.

Content audit and analysis: Review existing content to determine what works and what doesn’t.

Strategic planning: Develop a comprehensive plan that outlines the types of content to be created and identifies business goals for each piece of content.

SEO: Integrate search engine optimization strategies into content creation to increase visibility in search engine results and drive organic traffic.

Competitive Content Analysis

Competitive content analysis evaluates what types of content your competitors are publishing and what topics they cover. This will help you identify trends and gaps in industry content coverage.

Why it’s popular: Competitive content analysis helps marketers make data-driven decisions about content development and SEO strategies

Competitive content analysis products offered by B2B marketing agencies may include:

Competitor Identification: Determine who your direct and indirect competitors are.

Content Inventory: Catalog and evaluate competitor content.

Content Performance Measurement: Measure the engagement and performance of your competitors’ content to understand which content is resonating with your audience.

Content Gap Analysis: Identify topics and issues that are not adequately covered by competitors.

Development Concept

Effective concept development aligns with your overall business goals, addresses the needs and challenges of your target audience, and sets your brand apart in the market.

Why it’s popular: This is the biggest challenge cited by B2B marketers. 57% of respondents said it was difficult to create the right content for their audience.

Concept development products offered by B2B marketing agencies may include:

Concept ideas: Develop a series of concept ideas considering industry trends, audience needs and business goals.

Strategic Alignment: Ensure the concept developed aligns with your brand values, voice and business goals, as well as the identified needs and preferences of your target audience.

Content and campaign planning: Determine how selected concepts will be implemented across different types of content and marketing campaigns to ensure a coherent and integrated approach.

Content Creation

Producing high-quality content is critical to building brand authority, engaging potential customers, driving lead generation, and increasing conversion rates. Qualified content creation ensures that content is relevant, up-to-date, and optimized for search engines and user experience.

Why it’s popular: Some of the key challenges mentioned above are related to content creation – creating content consistently (54%), differentiated content (54%), optimizing for SEO (45%), and creating quality content (44%) %)).

Content production services provided by a B2B marketing agency may include:

Content Creation: Create well-researched and well-written content that addresses your audience’s specific interests and pain points while remaining consistent with your brand’s voice and purpose.

SEO Optimization: Integrate relevant keywords and meta tags to improve content visibility in search engine results and increase organic traffic.

Content Format and Design: Make sure your content is not only informative, but also easy to read and visually appealing.

Quality Assurance: Thorough editing and proofreading to ensure content is error-free, factually accurate, and consistent with brand messaging and standards.

Thought Leadership and Influencer Content

This type of content allows individual voices to inspire, educate and challenge existing perspectives within the industry. Influencers and thought leaders can come from within your company or be outside experts who add credibility to your brand.

Why they’re so popular: Thought leaders and influencers add their unique voice and perspective to your brand.

A B2B marketing agency’s thought leadership and influencer content plan may include:

Influencer partnerships: Identify influencers with strong followings and credibility within your target market and partner with them to co-create content, share content, or endorse your brand.

Content Creation and Management: Not every thought leader or influencer is a writer. Therefore, working with a marketing services provider with expertise in this area can help your brand highlight the voice of the individual.

Design Service

Good design can significantly increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by making your content more engaging, understandable, and memorable. Design services help establish the brand’s visual identity and ensure that all marketing materials are coherent, engaging and aligned with brand goals.

Why it’s popular: Lack of resources is the biggest challenge facing marketing teams today. By outsourcing design, you can ensure that your content visually reflects your brand values.

Design offerings for B2B marketing services may include:

Brand image design: Create or improve the visual elements that make up the brand image.

Web and Digital Design: Develop the layout, visual appearance and usability of websites and digital platforms.

Interactive and multimedia design: Create interactive elements such as infographics, animations, and videos that enhance storytelling and further engage users with the content.

Content visualization: Convert data and information into visual formats such as charts, graphs, charts, etc.

Video Content Creation

Video content is highly engaging and can significantly increase the time your visitors spend on your website, leading to higher conversion rates. Videos are also more likely to be shared on social media platforms, increasing brand awareness and reach.

Why it’s so popular: Video is a top area for marketers to increase their investment. Outsourcing video production to a qualified service provider can significantly increase your ROI.

Video content creation offerings for a B2B marketing agency may include:

Concept Development and Scripting: Create creative concepts and write scripts that convey your brand message.

Filming and production: Capture high-quality video footage using industry best practices.

Editing and post-production: Combine footage with supporting audio and graphics to ensure it’s polished and consistent with your brand image.

SEO Optimization: Incorporate relevant keywords, titles, descriptions, and tags to ensure your videos are discoverable on search engines and video platforms.

Distribution strategy: Plan how and where to distribute your video content to reach your target audience.

Content Performance Analysis

Content performance analytics helps marketers understand how their content is performing among target audiences and contributing to business goals. It’s also how marketers collect data that proves the ROI of their marketing efforts.

Why it’s popular: Less than half of marketers say they are confident in their ability to measure content performance. This leaves a lot of room for improvement—and great help!

Content performance analytics products for B2B marketing agencies may include:

Metric tracking and reporting: Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) that are relevant to business goals and track them regularly to monitor content performance over time.

Audience Analytics: Analyze audience behavior and preferences, including how they interact with content, which topics are most engaging, and which formats generate the most engagement.

Content Optimization: Use data insights to recommend changes to existing content, such as updating or repurposing underperforming content and managing the development of new content that meets audience interests and business goals.

Competitive Benchmarking: Compare content performance to industry benchmarks or competitors to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for market differentiation.

ROI Analysis: Measure the return on investment of your content marketing campaigns by linking content performance to business outcomes such as lead generation, sales, and customer acquisition and retention.

Choose the right content marketing service provider

As you read this list of services, have you dreamed about how much time and effort you could save your marketing team with a little outsourcing?

Here are some best practices to follow when choosing a content marketing service provider.

Define your goals and needs: First, identify what you want to achieve with content marketing. Do you want to increase brand awareness, generate leads, or build thought leadership? Understanding your goals will help you determine the services that best fit your goals.

Assess the quality of their content: Request samples of the agency’s work to assess the quality of their content. High-quality, engaging, and informative content is critical to a successful content marketing campaign.

Understand their analytics approach: A good content marketing service should have robust methods for measuring and reporting on the performance of your content. Ask about their metrics and reporting tools to make sure they can provide the insights you need.

Discuss communication and collaboration: Effective communication and collaboration are critical to a successful partnership. Discuss how you will communicate and collaborate with your team throughout the content marketing process.

Consider scalability: Choose services that can grow as your business grows. They should be able to adapt to your changing needs and continue to provide high-quality content as your business grows.

Ask about SEO integration: Since SEO is a key element of successful content marketing, make sure the service has a thorough understanding of SEO best practices and can integrate them into your content strategy.

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B2B Brand Content Marketing Services

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